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  1. I contacted the CARMs and got some info I would like to share on this matter. Apparently some provinces (so far Ontario) are asking candidates to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residency BY THE ROL deadline ( in February ) not by the file review deadline ( in November ). However, it is up to the program to decide whether or not to invite you to an interview if you haven't yet provided your PR documents.
  2. Hello, I applied for PR months ago and according to the timeline I anticipate getting it in the next few months (hopefully before the deadline to submit ROL) but I will not be able to submit it by the CARMS's November deadline. Is it possible to apply for CARMS and be invited for interviews without the PR ? or programs don't usually invite you for interviews unless all your documents including PR are submitted ? Thanks!
  3. Are you an IMG ? my understanding is that the CMQ equivalence is required only for IMGs and probably non-quebec medical graduates ( not sure about that one ) for instructions on how to apply : http://www.cmq.org/page/en/reconnaissance-equivalence-diplome.aspx It should take around a month provided that you have all your documents ready but i would recommend to start as soon as possible to allow time in case of any missing documents before the match season starts
  4. Thank you so much for your reply! I am in the process of obtaining the CMQ equivalence right now and hopefully can apply for the 2020-2021 match at the end of this year
  5. I have the same question and i share the same interest, however i am an IMG ? Also how competitive are the french schools in Quebec for an IMG who speaks french (did my high school in french) ?
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