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  1. So if I took a gap year I'd have to take a full course load? Why can't I just take a gap year? I'm really confused...
  2. Thank you for this. I think I'm going to take a gap year abroad and work then come back to Canada for uni. I'm not too considered about my marks so applying in a year won't be that big of a deal. Thank you for this; this really helped.
  3. So back to my question; would it be unwise to study outside of Canada? Should I just take a gap year and differ my acceptances (or reapply) and go from there? Thank you so much for your response!
  4. Yeah for this reason I don't want to go into medicine outside of Canada. If I'm going to be a doctor I want to be a doctor in Canada (though I'm open to other careers). I really do not want to become an IMG and from what I've heard being a doctor in Ireland is hell, though I'm probably wrong about that. I'm not too sure about France though. I have cousins in France, though I'm not too pumped about the racism there (I'm half West African).
  5. I'm going into grade 12 next year and I have the possibility of becoming an EU student. I was thinking of going to a university in the EU (France, Ireland, or Germany) so that I can save a lot of money on tuition. Plus in Ireland undergrad degrees are only 3 years so I could take a gap year without feeling like I "missed out" (which isn't really something I feel anyways). I was wondering if this would harm my chances of getting into a medical school in Canada? I am an Ontario resident and my place of residency would mostly likely not change due to healthcare (I am type 1 diabetic and probably won't transfer my doctors over to wherever I am studying). Would I still be able to apply to Canadian schools as a Canadian resident or would I be considered an international applicant? Thank you.
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