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  1. Hi all! Anyone has tips on MMI? Is it just typical scenario based MMI whereby they give you a situation or ethical dilemma and I have to give my opinions? Anyone who has gone through UofT dental MMI in the past few years please advise! I find it a bit strange because the CASPer test is basically a typed out scenario based MMI, and I don't know whether the interview will be the same thing except that it is verbal. Or does that mean the MMI is different from CASPer (eg. acting, drawing etc)?
  2. Hi all, Anyone got into Melbourne DDS for the upcoming 2020 intake? Would like to know more people and discuss about accommodation and enrollment etc. Leave a comment below or PM me. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone applied for the DMD early interview for UBC? It is stated on the UBC website that the early interview will be in September. Anyone received any interview invite?
  4. Hi, I have a question too relating to early admission. I haven't take my CASPER too. On CASPER website, the earliest date is 20th Aug and the result needs 3 weeks to be sent to UBC. If I take on the 20th Aug, will I still be able to qualify for early admission? In other words, do I qualify if I submit everything and tell the admission I took CASPER before 30th Aug even though the result won't be out yet?
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