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  1. Looking to apply to American Medical Schools, I recently stumbled on a pretty useful tool. To be honest, I was having a hard time navigating all the medical school sites to find which schools I should apply for. I found www.findmyschool.net, a service that basically gives you a list of schools that you should seriously consider applying to. Once I paid and gave them all relevant admission information like GPA, MCAT, prerequisites, etc., they matched me with schools I had a decent shot at. I found this site really useful and wanted to share it with you guys. I was spending hours researching the best schools and this really made that process easier. I will definitely be applying to the schools they recommended. I think it’s a fairly new tool, so wondering if any of you have used it in the past and your thoughts? (Also like to clarify, I have no affiliations to this site, just wanted some feedback)
  2. Kind of a longshot at this point, but wanted to make sure in case. In the email it said to have documents ready incase we get a call after certain deadlines. Does that mean we should have all our vaccinations and first aid certifications just incase we do get a call at this point?
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