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  1. To start off, thank you! I appreciate the insight. I can't believe i missed the pinned FAQ on the front of this forum, lol. I will definitely do some thinking on what you said, and continue to keep learning. I had the misconception that you needed to have a specific medical program in University be considered by med schools, but as I'm looking at their prereqs its really not the case! Hopefully this opens my options as I've had no luck finding any med oriented programs I could get into right now. The problem that I'm trying to solve right now is that I can't find any program I'm interested in that I could get into, as I lack any gr 12 U/M courses which seem to be a hard-set requirement. I'm considering doing them online to make up for it but I don't know if doing six courses would bring my average up enough that has been bogged down by gr 9-11, and if accredited Universities would even accept online classes. Still doing lots of research on it, but yeah. Thank you again!
  2. Alright, bit of a long one. I'm 19, graduated from high school last month. I graduated late because I suffered from anxiety during grades 9-11 and had to completely re-do a semester because of so many absences. I finished my courses in Jan of 2019 (one semester after my middle school classmates) however graduated in July as grad is only once a year, obviously. Throughout all this time I've been genuinely clueless on what I want to do and what field I want to work in, but in the past few months a passion for medicine has emerged in me. Unlike other things that have piqued my interest, the more research and more I think about it the more exicted and passionate I am. I understand its going to be a long and grueling road for me but it's worth it to achieve my dream. So, I graduated with an overall high school GPA of around 2.5, not great. I also have lots of applied-level courses and am missing basically all medical program prerequisites as I didn't give two shits since I didn't think university was something I would be interested in. I'm currently unemployed (although looking for some kind of work) and am trying to figure out what my next steps are so I can continue on my path to med school. Please forgive my lack of knowledge in these subjects, I have neglected doing my research for a long time and I'm trying to catch up on years of missed information. I would appreciate if you were simple and detailed in your response. I've made a few posts online and lurked this forum quite a bit. From what I can see my best bet is to go into a junior/community college(I'm not even sure what we call them in Canada) ,do exceptionally well, earn a two-year degree, and then apply/transfer to university programs? If this is the case, do you have any suggestions / where I could find information on what two-year degree I should get, what school and what programs IN those schools should I be looking to transfer to, and what should I be aiming for IN those schools to get into med school? Again, I apologize if I seem like a newbie, but it's because I am. I really wish I cared more when I was younger but here we are, so I've gotta learn all this information now. Thank you to anyone taking the time to respond, :).
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