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  1. The Medical officer trade is at 75%right now which is very very low! Their target number for next year are 31 physician from the civilian and RMC(that will go into MOTP) and 15 MMTP spot, however if the position are not filled by civilian coming into the army the number of spot under MMTP could increase. The actual problem is mostly that a lot of medical officer are leace the CAF after the completion of the mandatory service or because they get to higher rank where they do not see patients anymore and obviously do not want that therefor they leave....
  2. Hi! The MMTP program is on’y for active regular force member yes, usually to apply to such a program you need to be full train in your current trade for three years before you can apply however you are in need of sooooo many medical officer that this time has been reduce tonone year! As previously stated, thise seats are already « bought « by the military therefor they need to be filled, last year 18 candidate were interviewed at Queens for this program and 8 got in. We also have seats at UOttawa, UToront, UCalgaryand now at Western apparently however I didnt see anything on their website. Hope that helps!
  3. Yes for sure! Well all I know is that Queen’s is one of the University that has reserve seats and they took 8 military last year and arr planning on the same number if not more for this upcoming year.
  4. Hi!!! I am a reg force nurse applying to Queen’s under the MMTP program for 2020!
  5. Hi! Any MMTP applicant this year?
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