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  1. Result: Accepted (French) Time Stamp: 6:46am wGPA: 3.81 CASPER: Prepped for about a month. Wasn't sure I did well and I got cut off on one question I think. ECs: Diverse, music and church stuff, and little research experience. Interview: My first ever interview and I thought it didn't go well. I left feeling ok and started to doubt my answers ~10 min after. My panel was sort of neutral and one of the interviewers kept asking follow up questions. I was expecting to be placed on the waitlist but I'm so grateful! Year: 4th year (graduating this year) Geography: IP
  2. I responded to the email I received (I didn't get an automatic response).
  3. Hi! I just got an invite for an interview at uOttawa in the French stream. I have one month to prep and I was wondering where should I start? Does anyone have some really good resources (I'll take french and english) that I could use? Any advice? For those of view who interviewed for the French stream, how was it? Any advice? Thanks!
  4. INVITEEEEEEE:)))))))))))) Time Stamp: 2:30 pm Location: IP Stream: French wGPA: 3.81 (OMSAS) Current year: 4th ECs: I think pretty diverse. Church, piano, tutoring, and clubs on campus. Casper: I have no clue lol. This was my first time applying and writing it
  5. Oh wow. Thanks for the advice! Do you mind telling me what you're doing now? Did you go back and did a second undergrad or..?
  6. Oh ok. I wanted to continue my studies and work as university professor (if medicine doesn't work out). I think I can get credits from Biomed, but is my Bsc. in Biomed degree useless then?
  7. Hi, I'm a 4th year student at uOttawa in biomedical science. I'm set to graduate this spring and I've been thinking of what I'll do next. I applied to uOttawa med (french stream) for the first time in fall 2019; however, my wGPA was not the best (3.81) but so far, it's going up and it should (hopefully) be closer to a 3.9 once I graduate. I haven't heard anything from uOttawa yet but I'm trying to be realistic. I'm considering applying for a Master's. I'm doing my honours project in animal physiology (behaviour and stress) and I really enjoy it. I'm not doing a Master's to improve my grade; I like research and I want to have a backup plan in case med doesn't pan out. If med does work, I'm wondering how will animal physiology (in fish and insects) show my passion for human medicine and specifically, psychiatry? Will that affect my interview score or something like that? I'm just looking for some advice. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi, For those who applies more than once, did you use the same study materials (same scenarios) to practice for every cycle? If I need to apply again, I'm wondering where I'll find more materials for the CASPer test if I use everything I have for this cycle (which I will; I need to increase my chances at getting in). Thank you!
  9. Hey guys, I'm working on my ABS and it seems like I might be missing a few things: 1. Personal activities --> I draw a lot and also paint but I don't have anyone other than my family members/friends to verify them. Does anyone have suggestions on who would be able to verify these activities or what else I could do? 2. Medicine related activities --> I volunteer at a hospital and work at a clinic. What other activities could I do to make it seem like I'm interested in medicine? I thought the ABS didn't need to reflect medical experience, just things that I'm passionate about (and demonstrate leadership roles in)? Thanks a lot for your help!
  10. Hey guys, I really need some help with the following: I had a prof filling out the confidential assessment form for me. They did and OMSAS received it but the prof didn’t tell me they’ve completed it (I guess they don’t have to as I can see that they did). I will send a thank you note but should I ask them how it was? It’s confidential so I’m hesitating and feel like I should just leave it alone. Also, How bas is it to ask if they would be my reference next year if I apply again? And finally, referees are only filling out the CAF this year right? Thanks so much, I’m just really lost
  11. Hi, I have a referee filling out the CAF (OMSAS reference form) and I need help with this one question on "are of improvement". Does anyone have good suggestions or examples of what profs usually put for that category? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you
  12. Thanks! But what do you meany they don't actually need the transcript?
  13. Hi, I requested my transcript from uOttawa using OMSAS but it says I cannot see the status of my request until I have submitted my application. Say I submit my application on October 1st, how would I be sure that uOttawa has sent the transcripts to OMSAS?? Does uOttawa even send the transcript before I submit my OMSAS application? Thank you,
  14. Hi, I'm writing the CASPer test this fall in French. I've been trying to find french practice tests online but can't seem to find any:/ Would anyone be able to share what resources they used to study for the french CASPer? Also, would anyone be willing to help me practice? Thanks!
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