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  1. I think its also important though to look at what else the bank has to offer to clients aside from the loans, like for example, RBC has NOMI, MyAdvisor and the RBC Rewards app which has a ton of neat things that I've used, CIBC has an entire page of student advice, etc.
  2. I read through a bunch of the terms and conditions in my own research, and to get the bonus points with RBC according to their website, you have to do the following: you need to activate your credit card, log into the banking app which are both super quick, and then you need to set up a bill payment or a payroll, something along those lines...it seems pretty straightforward
  3. I think I have a decent cGPA (4.03/4.3), headed into master's, but not a ton of extra-curriculars but great work experience...really trying to understand my chances of getting in to a Canadian Med school after my master's program! Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Are students applying to med from a master's program considered differently than students applying straight from undergrad? Thanks
  5. From the researching that I did, I know that RBC is really good at working with med students because they have advisors trained specifically to work with them, and I think the adivsor locator tool online is really helpful as well
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