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  1. Will they release the rankings mid june ? i really want to learn more about your stats if you were interested to share because im wondering where you could improve. To me, your application looks very good !
  2. Thank you for the link! Yes actually i have ppl there but for sure the chances are super low so probably would never apply!
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows about California med schools specifically and if there is a good chance Canadians would enrol? Or should we not bother applying ? :/ Thanks in advance!
  4. Also I applied through the addas website so maybe it's because of that.
  5. You guys, UBC just emailed me to say that even though im not invited to have an interview on the 29th, they are still processing my file and I should be waiting for an update until April 1st! Had anyone else heard from them ?
  6. Hey! I still hadnt heard anything :/ Im oop and my DAT isnt that great but my cGPA is 94% My CV is good tho so im hoping that maybe they'd give that a chance :/
  7. Hey guys, Does anyone know schools like McGill would consider my second undergrad is it is not fully done ? (like only a few courses left). Thanks!
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