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  1. Hey! Do you still have the Picard and Lee book? Where are you located/do you ship?
  2. Has anyone sent their MCAT scores to OMSAS more than once in one app cycle? I want to send my score from last summer now, and then send it again post Oct 1st when I get my score from the late Aug sitting... kind of as a precaution if I somehow did worse in my latest sitting (in this case, would it be okay to not send these scores if for example I don't meet cut offs? My MCAT score last summer is fine, just wanted to increase CARS)
  3. If you've got extra time on your hands while helping @microwaveoven, I would really appreciate some help too! I'll also provide some financial compensation in return!
  4. Does anyone know how they calculated cPGA in the previous years? aka anyone got a hunch if alberta will have a upward/downward trend on mean cGPA this year compared to the past?
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