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  1. Thanks for a great post! I assume that I should distribute my Top10 as evenly as possible throughout the clusters of qualities you listed. It seems like all clusters, with the exception of the Intellectual curiosity, scholarship and research category, is much easier to fulfill with diverse activities. What I mean is that Interpersonal skills, for example, can be touched on with different activities such a volunteer entry, employment entry, Exec of a club, sports team member, etc.. Therefore, that cluster could be very dominant and demonstrated in numerous entries. However, scholarship and research is more set in stone; this is more or less demonstrated by research experience and academic awards. In this light, would you recommend having a certain number (say, 2-3) of academic-related entries?
  2. If you've got extra time on your hands while helping @microwaveoven, I would really appreciate some help too! I'll also provide some financial compensation in return!
  3. Does anyone know how they calculated cPGA in the previous years? aka anyone got a hunch if alberta will have a upward/downward trend on mean cGPA this year compared to the past?
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