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  1. Yeah I also work from home during the day lol. I will try noise cancelling headphones
  2. I'm writing the new mcat in August. I'd like to get a 506 and 125 in each section. Is that a realistic goal?
  3. Thanks so much! I also have another question. I have a bunch of volunteer experience that sometimes is just one day (Science Fair Judge) and others is months long. Would I include all of this under Extracurricular or would things like the science fair judge also go in additional info?
  4. Thanks! Did you put titles of them? I tried adding publications citations alone and it took up almost all the space.
  5. If its under the additional information component the 3000 limit doesn't leave much space for an extensive research background?
  6. I know COVID is impacting a lot of pre-meds study abilities (not being able to go to a quiet place, etc.). Is the MCAT curved so that if everyone doesn’t do well that it accounts for that? Or are all scores independent?
  7. Im a clinical researcher with multiple publications and overseeing undergrads and some masters. My undergrad gpa is low and I worry it’ll prevent me from any med schools. Are the cut offs different for the MD/PhD program since I have clearly demonstrated research capability?
  8. I don't like the Kaplan one because its not multiple choice. I'm hoping to find something that asks similar questions to the MCAT in m/c form. Willing to pay
  9. I know MUN has a holistic approach where they review everything together at once. Other schools do it in "stages/levels" where your GPA is first reviewed and if you don't meet the cut off you don't advance to the next "stage/level". What schools are more like MUN with reviewing everything as a whole?
  10. I have 7 hours a day I need to dedicate to my full time job. When I add in MCAT studying my brain is cognitively exhausted. Does anyone have any tips for maximizing "brain power"? What are some study schedules you suggest too?
  11. Hello. I am currently working in research and have a masters, 5 first-author publications, many conference presentations, media involvement, knowledge translation, etc. I also have a lot of experience overseeing undergrads etc. My strengths are definitely within academia and I am average in the GPA area. What schools value research more than GPA?
  12. Thanks! I know Queens considers 3 courses as full time. I don’t think I will achieve a 3.9+ taking 5 and can’t really quit my job but I know 3 is doable. Is Queens the only one on that list that considers 3 courses?
  13. Specifically for Queens and looking at the best 2 years - I'm wondering would they get the average of all 10 courses or the average of each year GPA. I ask because they consider 3 courses or more full-time but if they get the average of the 2 years then I'll just take 3 courses in fall/winter but if its the average of all courses I'm better off taking 5/5 in Fall/Winter.
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