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  1. I applied with 3.59 and 127 and received an interview. you're already ahead of me with your awesome cars score. you can definitely get in using your stats, but you will have to have a very high casper score relative to the rest of the applicant pool. message me if you have any questions
  2. I have a 3.59 and 127... trust me you're gonna be fine lol
  3. I have a shit gpa and cars score so they better do 70% casper, 15% cars, 15% gpa
  4. Time Stamp: 9:05 AM Invite/Reject: Invite!!! GPA: 3.59 (I know) CARS: 127 (I know) Casper: Felt super confident about it. It clearly saved me. I really hope this gives people confidence to apply regardless of their GPA and CARS. Ace Casper and you can get an interview! Geography: IP
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