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  1. Thanks for the responses! Can anyone also comment on the types of outpatient opportunities available? Are there clinics hiring GIMs or would it mostly be set up your own practice? Are rapid referrals quite saturated I'd imagine?
  2. Hi guys, I'm an internal medicine resident currently. I am probably going into either GIM or endo and was hoping to more specifically get information about the current job prospects of GIM in the Toronto and GTA area (including as north as Barrie). I am interested in both the inpatient and outpatient opportunities that perhaps final year GIM fellows or other internists would know about and/or are applying to currently. Thank you!
  3. What about if you studied in ontario and moved OOP for residency (Alberta)?
  4. What does the restricted license entail? You'd have to have supervision/reduced billings/reduced patient load? What is the separate pathway to get qualified in Ontario after 3 years of IM in the states?
  5. Thanks for your super helpful response ACHQ! That's great to hear. In term of flexibility, I tend to mean, if i want to do more inpatient weeks than say for example the minimum of 8 that they require you to do, is there flexibility for that? Say for example I want to do 16-20? Also, what about sub specialists like endo /rheum, can they also find inpatient GIM type of work on top of their outpatient work? And just to confirm, the hospitals you mentioned above are academic?
  6. Thanks for the helpful replies, I am an IM resident and was hoping to have a mix of hospital and outpatient as a future GIM. How many weeks do GIMs normally do in hospital and is it possible to get with just 4 years of GIM in the GTA area (Markham, richmond-hill, barrie, newmarket)? Are the weeks on service flexible based on how much a GIM wants to do inpatient medicine? And also, right now I'm in a program,where we see quite complex patients on CTU, I am wondering if that is the case in the areas mentioned above as well or do they just take these patients down to a major centre hospital in Toronto? Thank you!
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