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  1. Haha I have a couple times but I think a lot of the people who post in the /med/ topic are American and not many offered much advice.
  2. Thanks. It's difficult not to be hard on myself sometimes. Life experience, overcoming adversity and long term employment certainly counts for a lot but plenty of people have been/are in my shoes. I don't think I am unique in that respect. Australian program starts in February 2020. Have not made a deposit yet so declining the offer would not have any serious financial consequences but time to accept the offer is running out. I appreciate the input.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I've put a lot of thought into the options you mentioned and I just can't do a second undergrad dude. I'm 26, turning 27 in December. I need to move on with my life. I can't be suspended in limbo spending more money on undergrad courses while working part time. I know it would open up some schools but for all the non trads who go this route and get accepted there are probably dozens if not more who get rejected. Alternatively I considered doing an MSc or MA but for Canadian schools that does not help much. Thank you for the advice though. My heart isn't set on Canada so I am increasingly leaning towards my Australian offer.
  4. None so far. A lot of Australian schools take applications on a rolling basis unlike Canadian med schools. I am trying to gauge whether it would be worth applying for a cycle here.
  5. Thank you for the detailed post. I am ok with going rural but are you sure that internationals are only limited to rural spots? I thought that the state you graduate in makes a difference. I have heard of some internationals getting spots in regional areas. I have heard the USMLE step 1 will be made P/F. In terms of matching in the US for psyc or FM, do you think this will make things more difficult?
  6. To my surprise I got an offer to attend a very reputable Australian MD program and I am seriously contemplating it. I'll be blunt. My stats for Canadian schools suck. They are just terrible. I'm a 26 year old non trad who was banking on applying to U of C but I am not from Alberta and my wGPA just barely misses the cut off which is so incredibly frustrating. I worked throughout my undergrad and had major family obligations/care taker responsibilities. I didn't always take a full course load nor did get straight A's every term. My last semester truly hurt me too as I got 1 C and a B making my cGPA an unimpressive 3.6. MCAT is 510 with a 131 in CARS (not an Ontario resident either so doubt I'd have a good shot at Mac) wGPA for Queens is in the mid 3.7s according to a calculator I used and my adjusted average for UBC is barely 80% I don't think I have a real chance at any other schools. Correct me if I am wrong. I could move to another province for a few years, but is it worth it for a miniscule chance of acceptance? I am getting older I want to move on with my life already. I am familiar with the risks of not attending medical school in Canada. I likely would not come back. Staying in Australia or going to the US would likely be my priority. Mainly interested in primary care (FM/psyc) which apparently is good since competitive specialties are essentially unattainable as an international graduate. Feeling very uncertain right now and would appreciate any advice from people familiar with the process. It's a choice between the certainty of going to medical school now and the risk of not getting an internship/residency vs the risk of never getting into a Canadian school with my terrible stats.
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