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  1. I've been told the pat on crack the dat is easier so I bought the datcrusher today hahaha . Thanks for your output!
  2. Hey, I'm taking my DAT during the start of November and I'm pretty stressed. I was wondering how the scoring for the soap carving and the PAT works (ie around how many I could get wrong on the pat to score a 15 and how bad my soap can be to score a 5) I'm obviously not aiming for those scores but for the universities i'm applying to, it's a pass or fail system that you need a 5 on carving and 15 on PAT. I'm not too worried about the carving but I'm mostly worried about the PAT. I'm currently using Crackdat for practicing but I'm struggling a little especially on time wise and angle ranking ( I keep getting around a 9/15 :/). If anyone has any tips too or program I could use for help that would be appreciated.
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