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  1. I know, I'm so scared lol- but is it because of the level of students taking the exam (e.g. lots of smart ass kids are taking the DAT- so the scaling is very harsh) or is it totally up to the administrators of the exam? Idk how this works
  2. Hi guys I'm just wondering if this years November cDAT will have the same harsh scaling as last years Nov cDAT. I remember a lot of my friends complaining that the scale was extremely harsh, Any feedback on how this works would be great. Thanks y'alll
  3. I've yet to take the canadian DAT, but do you think with a 87% average best two years (I would also have to sit for the physiology challenge exam since I didn't take phys II) and my extracurriculars are pretty great, lots of experience with all of the above you mentioned. I just really want to get an interview and let my personality shine through.
  4. Hey there! If you can, could you elaborate on the new admissions process?
  5. What's Western's DAT cutoffs? It doesn't say anything on the website, and I've had friends who've gotten interviews with sub-par/below average DAT scores
  6. Does anybody know (either accepted, applying or currently a dental student at UWO) how UWO assess their applicants? I know they have a basic criteria outlined on their website, but is GPA/best two years more heavily favoured than DAT scores, or ECs/ABS/Interview outweigh DAT, etc. Any feedback would be great. My stats: 87% best two years. Writing November DAT (spent all summer studying for american DAT), and well above average ECs and shadowing time. If all goes well with DAT, will I get an interview, or just a big fat rejection?
  7. Western only looks at your best two years! I think you have a shot
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