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  1. Is there some sort of Dalhousie Facebook interview group?
  2. was anyone able to find the facebook interview group?
  3. I didn’t know they send invites out after their offices closed, pretty neat
  4. Is there anyone from last year who remembers when they heard about it?
  5. Just wondering if anyone still has an empty space for their mcat score on the dal online thing.
  6. Hey I was just wondering how a 124 in cars looks? I really wasn’t on my game when I was writing the MCAT, but scored well in the other sections.
  7. I was just wondering how mun looks at the mcat I did well in all section but got a 124 in cars. Does that automatically flag me because of the cars score?
  8. Mine aren’t up either, I’m sure they will update it soon though
  9. This 70 dollar fee is the same thing yes? The one in the apply now section and the application processing fee part?
  10. Yeah I had that same issue, but from a previous email it said to do as you described in your earlier post. I’m going to call tomorrow to see what’s up.
  11. No just in general, like more weight towards volunteering versus employment for example.
  12. Any ideas on how they evaluate the supplemental information? I feel like it’s pretty subjective.
  13. I see, I’m just worried because mine hasn’t shown up on the portal and the deadline is in two days. But I feel like they will just retrieve them all at once. I could be wrong?
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