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  1. Accepted! IP (NB) GPA- 3.9 MCAT- 510 Will be declining Mun in favour of Dal
  2. Does anyone know what time of day offers have usually come out?
  3. I feel like mun sending out their results last week is making me optimistic that dal will follow this week... maybe wishful thinking though
  4. NB Applicant Accepted GPA- 92 (graduated 2018) MCAT- 510 ECs- TA for several courses over 3 years, counsellor and held director positions at a camp over the course of 8 years, a lot of research, SMILE, and other things Interview- super chill, had a lot of fun very excited, going to see what Dalhousie has to say as well
  5. Do people whose verifiers never got contacted get offers? I guess I’m just wondering if the time in which a verifier is contacted over the course of the wit period or even if one is contacted at all indicate anything.
  6. Is there some sort of Dalhousie Facebook interview group?
  7. was anyone able to find the facebook interview group?
  8. I didn’t know they send invites out after their offices closed, pretty neat
  9. Is there anyone from last year who remembers when they heard about it?
  10. Just wondering if anyone still has an empty space for their mcat score on the dal online thing.
  11. Hey I was just wondering how a 124 in cars looks? I really wasn’t on my game when I was writing the MCAT, but scored well in the other sections.
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