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  1. its very hard to find full time jobs in those fields
  2. What is cGPA and wGPA?? How do i calculate??
  3. Anyone know of any Master's program that I can do with a Bachelor of Science degree, preferably being able to find a full time job with the master's degree??? Help Please
  4. I graduated from UofT with a cumulative GPA of 3.57 (undergrad), i felt that my GPA was too low for med school so I looked for other career options, now I have graduated and I am practising as a dental hygienist! But i don't enjoy my profession, I go to work everyday with a what if I tried for Med School question on my mind? Now I really want to know of what my chances are? During undergrad, I didn't work or volunteer!!! The only experiences I had was working at a call centre, volunteering in ER department and NOW working as a dental hygienist! I want some feedback on my chanced for MedSchool; and whether I should start studying and preparing for my MCAT??? Help anyone
  5. I went to UofT, graduated undergrad with a GPA of 3.57, I have no other experiences, in terms of volunteer and shadowing or research articles...what are my chances for applying to med school???
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