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  1. Did you guys just take a picture of your drivers license/passport and upload it?
  2. Hey, just wondering how you know if they are okay with using a drivers license? my passport is about a 2 hour drive away from where I am right now lol
  3. rejections are sent out after all the interview spots are filled. could be a few weeks.
  4. no I don't think so :(. But you can call/send them an email to confirm. they will let you know
  5. OOP and IP invites are sent at the same time :( they wait until all the OOP people who were sent invites accept/decline their invitations. when all OOP spots are filled for interviews, then they send out the official rejections to those OOP who were not initially invited to an interview
  6. This is the email I got once I paid the 70$. I don't even see any medicine fee on the Dal online, I can't find it.
  7. Thanks, mine says received as well. Just with a different date and in Note it says paid by credit card. what is frap by the way?
  8. Can you show what you see on your dal online? What does it say for the application fee part?
  9. I'm confident you are fine. there are people who wrote on august 17th who won't be able to release their scores until sept 17th....as long as you released them you will be fine. they have to update 1000+ applications
  10. Hey I'm pretty sure that the maritimes connections essay is only used to choose the OOP people for interviews. In other words, it is only used to choose people to invite to interviews. Therefore the adcom's would not look at the maritime connections essay and only care about your 1500 one assuming you received an interview.
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