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  1. Hey! I'm looking for people to practice MMI with in the GTA (either by skpe or in person). Let me know if you're interested and we can get started
  2. Anyone OOP that got an interview who doesn't have a strong maritimes connection?
  3. i actually asked them to confirm with me and they did
  4. I got an interview and also responded to the email to confirm that I will attend the interview. Did anyone receive a confirmation that the school knows you are coming to the interview?
  5. i just got an interview for memorial and had 127 on CARS. i am also OOP
  6. Perfect thanks guys. I just called and it didn't ring they just played an automated message lol so not sure you would get to speak to anyone. Anyways if we all did the same thing we are good!
  7. Hi everyone, so I paid my application fee and selected 'professional application' 2019/2020 Fall cycle. However when I got an email confirmation from Dalhousie when I submitted my application, they said we had to select 'medicine application fee' but I could not find any option for 'medicine application fee'. Did anyone else have this issue?
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