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  1. Hi everyone! I have a rather urgent dilemma regarding personal referee selection: I asked my hospital volunteer supervisor earlier to be my personal referee for OMSAS, but was told just now that she's no longer allowed to write references for med schools - which is unfortunate because she has known me well for years and would have been the best choice. I'm trying to pick the third person from the list below (I know none of them are ideal...) : A. Club president for a science outreach club: Definitely knows me well personally and is older than me (PhD candidate; I'm going into fourth year undergrad), but could be perceived as a peer/non-objective? B. Same club, a university staff that I have worked with: Met in person at least monthly + frequent email communication for almost a year. Can speak of my communicator/collaborator/professionalism qualities but not so much in terms of empathy/advocacy. Maybe that can be demonstrated through the rest of the application? C. Program coordinator for Supper Club: I volunteered with her weekly for ~ 3 month. Not as close with her compare to A/B but can speak of the advocate trait as we directly interacted with underprivileged populations. My other two references are academic. First time Applying + posting and I'm lowkey panicking - Any help will be much appreciate, thanks in advance!
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