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  1. @canada747 and @BobSmith777 what are your GPAs if you don't mind sharing?
  2. Not a med student but was reading this: https://md.utoronto.ca/news/after-match-place-everyone If there's more CMGs than there are residency spots, I'd imagine you could either reduce CMGs or increase residency spots. But wouldn't increasing residency spots depress incomes for doctors in those specialties? And is decreasing the # accepted students something that's been on the table? I guess I'm mainly curious about what the limiting factor in solving this problem is. Sorry if I'm being super naive, I truly know nothing about this! School me, I'd love to learn more about this
  3. why are you guys saying AMCAS ID, don;t you mean OMSAS ID?
  4. Hey, did you pick up that term from ZDogg or is it becoming a more common term now?
  5. I get that. But if you look at his posts and the advice he gives for free, it's pretty fantastic. Has he made mistakes? Of course, he's human.
  6. This is something I really like. I applied to only 2 schools in Ontario last year and they of course didn't give any feedback at all. But I'm excited to see what UBC's NAQ for my app. Finally an objective-as-possible assessment of my non-academics. That could give me a reality check if I need to seriously improve or if I'm doing okay, etc.
  7. Out of the 4 essay questions I'm having trouble seeing where I could talk about being scholarly. At first I thought it would be for the 4th essay question (about overcoming failure) but then I saw that Scholar is defined as: academic standing, achievements in leadership, research and social responsibility as demonstrated by (but not limited to) awards, conference presentations, publications and scholarships. This definition of Scholar doesn't mesh with the example of failure that I was going to talk about at ALL.
  8. Hmm so they give you AQ and NAQ which would be out of 50, each. Is the 87% the TFR (AQ + NAQ) or is it your AGPA/OGPA? Or something else?
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