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  1. From this presentation: http://www.carms.ca/pdfs/2018-R-1-data-snapshot-EN.pdf On slide 4 it says 22.6% of IMGs matched. That seems quite high, is that correct? I thought the number was much lower. Also on slide 2, does 'first iteration' mean first year applying for a match? And on the same slide does 'Prior year' graduate mean people who were left unmatched in their first match attempt? Thanks
  2. I graduated but I'm thinking of dropping by their offices to give them cards maybe with a gift card for Tims. I hate giving cards it's so awkward but I feel like it would be a good way of keeping a connection with them since I will not be in contact with them any time soon. Also, please give me advice on what to actually write in a card like this. And what's a good amount for a gift card? Is $20 okay? Thanks
  3. Fascinating to learn, thanks for sharing. Seriously, you've changed my perspective on this. Btw, what's PreP? Cursory google searches give me Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and pharmacy prep courses haha
  4. How long before online pharmacies become as popular in Canada as they are in the U.S?
  5. I feel like most people's referees would just rank them the highest for everything, and that it's so common that it isn't actually worth being a red flag to admissions. There's so many other things to worry about on their end. And ultimately if the rankings spit out a # (I'm guessing this is what they do) then ranking you the highest would probably be the best bet. Anyways, my referee texted me asking me about this. What do you guys think?
  6. I requested my transcript through OMSAS like 2 months ago and it hasn't updated. Same thing happened last year. Relax!
  7. Copy paste it into Notepad, then copy paste FROM NOTEPAD into OMSAS. There is a lot of formatting text editors like Word and Google Docs do
  8. The adcoms will see it, and their heads will explode out of sheer confusion and complexity of the problem
  9. Where did you get your MD if you don't mind me asking?
  10. can you explain what you mean by this? edit: nvm i get what u meant
  11. @canada747 and @BobSmith777 what are your GPAs if you don't mind sharing?
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