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  1. Dentists > Family Doctors in general.
  2. Dentists make more than FP’s in general, with larger overhead. You have to buy into a practice which is mucho $$$ but generates huge cash too. Or you associate and just give a split to the owner. Dentists who own their own practices take home quite a bit more than family doctors I’m afraid.
  3. Yep. I don't blame the surgeons at all. Patients are upset when I tell them it will take 2 years for them to get a new knee. They think the surgeons are dragging their feet. They look perplexed when I tell them that the surgeon is sitting their waiting too, just twiddling his thumbs (not really) tapping his foot waiting for OR time. He wants it to happen sooner too. Then they ask me why the surgeon can't get more OR time. I tell them the only way would be to raise everyone's taxes. Then they stop complaining. Our system has many cracks. Let the people who have more money pay to get their surgery. Let that money go back into the system. A busy OR can be a resource, rather than a liability. Their are ways to do this and still have equal quality care for all.
  4. Depends if you are incorporated or not. You can look up corporate tax rates and personal income tax rates on the CMA website.
  5. IMP was good. Shame was brought upon the preceptors who shamed. Then they stopped. Medicine is hard work. Sometimes what is interpreted to be shame is simply a stressed out attending who works very hard and wants to get to the point. Teaching is hard work, and its extra work they are expected to do. It slows them down. What's wrong with doing some scut work for an attending? I am not condoning mistreatment, I'm just suggesting that students are allowed to choose not to be offended by physicians and residents who are grumpy. I have seen many attending physicians mistreated by students and residents...
  6. Depends. Some see 25 in 8 hrs. Some see 40 in 8 hrs. Huge difference
  7. 30% would be about the average of the clinics I have visited. I hear tales of woe; only 10 years ago the clinic I was at was at 41% overhead. Yikes. Now we are a lean machine, our support staff are happy as far as I can tell, we are not overcrowded but space is getting limited. Our facilities are nice. We are always looking to cut costs but not corners. Things can change in a hurry. If a doc retires and you cant find someone to take his/her place suddenly their overhead share needs to get paid by everyone left.
  8. I work Mon to Thursday in the office. See about 25-30 pts per day on Mon/Tues/Wed, and about 15 per Thursday with the afternoon for paperwork (disability pension applications, lawyer requests, workplace forms etc.- you get paid for these!) I have 1 hour booked off for lunch but I use most of that to catch up from the morning notes and errands. That leaves about 20 mins of relaxing, eating and socializing with other docs in my clinic which is just right. I'm a new grad so it has taken quite some time to get more efficient. I am doing now in 8.5 hours of work what took me 12-15 hours of work for the first 4 months. (Expect late nights doing labs and notes!) I probably should have just taken less pts and less money... No hospital work. Every 7th week I do a Friday and Saturday "doctor of the day" walk in clinic for patients of our group. Same day appts only. I see maybe 15-20 pts over 3-4 hours those days, typically quick and easy appts with less "baggage". No Sundays. The week that I do the Friday Saturday clinic I am "on call" for the group which really only means I have to take calls for urgent labs that come in for our group after hours. I have been on call a few times now and have only been called once and it was for a high INR that came in at 7pm. Cake. 2-3 Fridays per month I work at an urgent care centre. The other Fridays I either take off, get caught up on admin stuff (banking, paperwork etc). This is enough for me. I have kids and I am very busy in my church community volunteering. I am spent by the end of most work days and weeks. A bad day can run you over, a bad week can really run you over. But I am finding as time passes I am getting much more efficient and sane at the end of the day. The other thing I have noticed is that if I take a few less patients per day I am more efficient and accurate with my billing and my bottom line does not suffer at all. I estimate I will bill around 240,000 from the office over 12 months, with an additional 8000-12000 in private fees for paperwork and 18,000-24000 in urgent care shifts. But remember its not what you bill, its what you take home... Example 1: Doc 1 loves his life, works 40 hrs per week and bills 250,000. He pays 20% overhead, so = 200,000 pretax income Doc 2 works his bag off and his wife leaves him, bills 350,000. He pays 40% overhead, so = 210,000 pretax income oops Example 2: Doc 1 checks out 2 clinics knowing he will bill 250,000 in a year Clinic 1 has 25% overhead so 187,500 pretax income Clinic 2 has 30% overhead so 175,000 pretax income A 5% difference in overhead might not sound like a lot, but I bet 12,500 does. (Over 1000 bucks a month!) Same work, more pay. Overhead is a big deal and it doesn't stop when you take a vacation... Find a clinic that is well managed. Look for under 30% overhead. PS. Incorporate.
  9. Uhh, in BC you don't pay a penny to take over a practice. You look for signing bonuses. Edit: And you beat the other offers off with a stick!
  10. I strongly recommend against seeing that many patients in a day on a regular basis when you are a new grad. You will likely stab your eyeballs out. I'm in BC so I don't know the answer to your question. 400K seems like a lot.
  11. I have been in office practice now for about 9 mo. You gotta mix it up. I do some urgent care centre shifts (its like emerg light, just a step up from WIC) Its great. I do 2-3 shifts per month. I see lots of acute medicine. The shifts are 8 hours and pay a bit less than an office day but no overhead, so really its a bit more than the office. The variety is nice and keeps my skills up a bit. I work hard when I'm there but honestly it feels like a day off sometimes...
  12. Wow. Thanks for this. Medicine can run you over no doubt. Good for you for taking charge of your life. I wish you the best.
  13. Whats a good score on the LMCC? My account says pass and has a number under it. I have no idea what it means. I felt like I did terrible. I'm really curious as to what a good score is. Thanks
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