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  1. I am going to graduate in November and I am applying for a second undergrad degree. I was wondering should I send my transcript request immediately or after I convocate? I am done all the courses that I need to do, but since it's a second undergrad I don't want the schools that I apply to to think that I am still completing my first degree.
  2. Is there something in particular I should focus on? I'm sorry for saying "no u" Coldery, I hope we can still be friends. Thank you! It's really amazing to hear that from a two time Nobel prize winner
  3. Why do you think I'm trolling? I read every post and look into the information presented for myself. If I have any follow-up questions or comments then I reply. I don't get what y'all are expecting of me.
  4. I called Michigan state's DO school and they said that I would be a fairly competitive candidate if I get those marks. In terms of ECs the counsellor told me that I should get more community involvement, especially a leadership role because that's what they value a lot. I'm gonna look into more DO schools but yeah this is probably easier than MD in America.
  5. Oh that wasn't my point at all, sorry if I didn't make that clear. I now know a second undergrad is my best option because of the people on this forum helping me. In fact I am currently discussing this with Mac admissions to see what transfer credits I can get with my current degree. When I was talking to dryorku I was talking about the bigger picture, how medicine should be taught in general. Not complaining about my situation, because it is my fault after all.
  6. Honestly, we're just two people debating on the internet. If the literature on this proves you right I'll happily concede.
  7. I honestly appreciate people giving me the hard facts and I get that they are just trying to help me make the best logical decision. It really forces me to confront hard realities, but the more I talk to people the more determined I become that this is what I want to do, and I'm not about to stop pursuing what I want because some guy over the internet tells me that I can't do it. Hope that explains my over-optimism lol
  8. So many countries around the world with world class doctors have MD programs right after highschool and it makes sense. One you don't have to spend time on a degree that won't do much for you, and two when you're younger you learn a lot better and absorb information a lot easier. Just because you're older doesn't mean you're more qualified.
  9. Nah its not an ego thing its a 2-3 years of my life gone for a 10% chance lol. I want to be a physician but I was looking for a better way to do exactly that. They should just let us go to med school right after highschool, but that would be no fun right. Good luck to all of us!
  10. Either way moving would be a loss of a support system, I said I liked the concept of a post-bac more because there they normally prepare you for medical school and go through the entire process with you. Some also have MCAT prep courses, and my point was they are better suited to deal with my situation than a second undergrad in Saskatchewan. I know my chances are zero right now I was just saying that the theoretical earliest date I could apply would be 2021, realistically its 2022 which means even more time for me to do my MCAT. You said that you've done it, does that mean you did a second undergrad? Do you think its more worthwhile than a masters or post-bac for America?
  11. Yeah that's what I think as well. It would be a lot easier to get into research positions as well with my profs with a higher GPA and that would lead to better ref letters as well. So really GPA is key haha.
  12. First of all thanks for taking the time to write all of this out, it's cool to see someone cares this much. I know I've been slacking to say the least lol, but medicine wasn't really a big goal of mine until somewhere in my final year. A big contributor to my low GPA was my lack of effort and my commute time. When I became serious, it became more about putting effort into the wrong things, I still remember I spent like 5 hours studying for a quiz that was only on 1 lecture and got a 70% in it. My commute was 4 hours in total both ways (home -> uni -> home). It sucked a lot of energy out of me and it was very hard to study after that. Eventually I started staying in the library after school, but I still couldn't stay too long because my parents had to pick me up from the station, as we didn't have enough cars, and I couldn't let them pick me up at like 1am. I have talked with a lot of people and really improved how I study and if I go to a school close to me I am confident I can do really well. Of course this is just words right now but I can't prove I'll get a 4.0 without actually getting it. As for my MCAT the same rule applies. Since I am going to enrol in some program (idk what yet) it will likely start September 2020 and the earliest I could apply to med school is 2021. This leaves me with 2 years to excel in the MCAT, and honestly if within that time I can't get a 515 or above I'll just drop medicine because it's clearly not for me at that point. I don't really know what else to tell you other than I have the books and have been studying a few hours everyday. I seem to understand the material and am doing well on the practice questions. It won't be until I do a practice test that I will be able to concretely prove I'll do well. The extracurriculars are what scare me the most. You never know what opportunities will come to you in the future, but there is only so much that you can control. With GPA if you study hard you can do well and I can start that anytime, but I can't become a national level athlete over-night. Of course if I do a second undergrad I will pursue as many activities as my GPA will allow and this time around will take advantage of what the university has to offer. On the bright side I can always improve my ECs and academics are really gonna be my priority moving forward. Finally, I am not really tied down to Canada. I know that in Canada my best bet would be a second undergrad but a masters in something would be a lot less risky, and if there are even 20 schools in America that would look at my masters GPA over my undergrad, or consider it to a point where I am competitive (all given that I do well of course), then that would open me up to more schools than in Canada. As for moving to Saskatchewan or Manitoba I am exploring post-bac options in America and if I was to move I think those might be a better option as they help pre-meds a lot more than a second undergrad and I would find a lot more people in my situation. I wanted to stay close to where I live because I have a support system that really helps me keep moving forward. If I go to another province I'd know no one and I'd be a 5th year in 2nd or 3rd year classes which would make me feel even more excluded. There are a lot of intangible factors that I am considering too before I decide what I should and should not do. The people in this forum tend to be Canadian/in Canada, and that is why I generally only talk about a second undergrad. I hope you understand where I am coming from more clearly now, and please let me know if I am missing something. I really appreciate your concern as it has forced me to consider a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and asses how confident I am that I can do this. It's a daunting task no matter what I do, but it is what I want to do so I will keep at it!
  13. These are my ECs: Shadowing a doctor: ~60 hours (currently ongoing) Volunteering in a hospital: ~30 hours (I'm gonna get this WAY up) Volunteering/Working at a youth resource centre: ~40 hours/~320 hours Volunteering at an engineering camp for kids as a counsellor: ~160 hours Retirement home: ~15 hours Working at Tims: ~512 hours Research Poster Project for one of my classes Social Media Director for a club at my uni: ~50 hours I need some more research and clinical hours, but if I was to hold a position in a club or two you think I'd be good? Or do I need more experiences?
  14. Thanks for the advice Meridian, I forgot to list my ECs and since many people are asking for it I will list them: Shadowing a doctor: ~60 hours (currently ongoing) Volunteering in a hospital: ~30 hours (I'm gonna get this WAY up) Volunteering/Working at a youth resource centre: ~40 hours/~320 hours Volunteering at an engineering camp for kids as a counsellor: ~160 hours Retirement home: ~15 hours Working at Tims: ~512 hours Research Poster Project for one of my classes Social Media Director for a club at my uni: ~50 hours It ain't much, but its honest work.
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