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  1. Are you sure your husband is limited to applying to NT? I was not a PR when I applied to GP Training in Tasmania in 2016 and successfully finished my training without any problems. (As luck would have it I was granted PR about a week before I started GP Training, so I am not sure if it would have continued to be an issue.)
  2. For what it is worth... I am Canadian (Alberta) and went to medical school in Australia at Bond University (QLD.) I decided to consider Australia after not getting interviews in Canada two years in a row, despite what I thought was a great and well-rounded application. I knew chances for an internship following graduation would be limited so I applied in Tasmania, where there is still no internship crisis. (Tasmania still boasts 100% success rate for its graduates finding internships.) I completed my Family Med/GP Training in Tasmania, and fairly effortlessly got Permanent Residency and then Citizenship. I now actually work for the University of Tasmania School of Medicine, redesigning the program for Int'l students, in an effort to make repatriation to Canada smoother. Since completing my Family Med/GP Training, I have completed/earned my Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada. Yes it was a lot of hoops to jump through, but not at all impossible. I get to live in a spectacularly beautiful state, in a wonderful country, in a job I love. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, I just wish I had some guidance at the time, because it can be a tricky path to navigate for the first time. While the logistics of attending medical school in Australia are more challenging than attending in one's home country, it remains a very doable pathway to achieving a career in medicine.
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