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  1. I dont think its fair to beat yourself down over a "low" mcat score. You should still apply and see what happens. Dont compare yourself to others! Also theres no harm in retaking the MCAT, most people retake it
  2. Does anyone else's MCAT score show up on OMSAS in the document tracking? I sent mine from AAMC a while ago and they still aren't there. Thanks! edit: just read this "OMSAS will not upload MCAT scores until October 18, 2019. The deadline for the receipt of MCAT scores is November…"
  3. If you just submitted it should say processing your application when you log in. After a few hours, it finishes processing your application and you'll return to the normal screen with all the tabs like "school submissions" "transcripts" etc. You can still request transcripts, and respond to offers (if you get accepted) but every time you do that you have to click review and submit.
  4. It didn't ask me for a cardholder name either and yeah i received a receipt via email and a confirmation email saying my application has been submitted
  5. Mine did too... I think a lot of people's referees will make this mistake
  6. Also would love to hear conservative health care professionals' opinions on safe injection sites and decriminalization of drugs? Since we are discussing policies https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/scheer-injection-sites-terrible-1.5294321
  7. I had a similar question too. I would assume its the same person reviewing your entire file so they can evaluate you holistically.
  8. Hi, https://www.uottawa.ca/course-enrolment/understanding-course-enrolment-terminology it says here that 30 units are 10 courses, so each half semester course is 3 units? Thats my understanding. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Hey, I am in the same situation as you. I'm leaning towards repeating the activity since hospital volunteering is mundane. Even if you try to spin it, its still going to be the same activity which pretty much all pre-meds have done
  10. the limit is 150 words (1000 characters) for those sections so I'm assuming its the same for the last box as well?
  11. I know schools always say its quality over quantity for ABS entries but how exactly do they evaluate the quality of your activity when theres a 150 character limit? It seems a little unfair especially when you have a lot to list for one role.
  12. I'm doing both as well and using a personal experience as an example
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