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  1. Hi! I hope to apply in the future but I am also in the same situation as you, I am technically taking 11 courses in 2nd year but it only adds up to 29 credits. For the rest, I have 30+. I wish you luck with your application!
  2. Hi! I have an issue. Right now, I face a choice of taking 29 credits in 2nd year and 31 credits in 3rd year OR taking 30 credits in both 2nd and 3rd year. I am currently doing my BSc at UBC. I'm wondering does it matter? Would I need to explain being part-time on my application? If I take 29 in 2nd year, it would be 4 full courses + 1 lab course in 1st term and 5 courses + 1 lab course in 2nd term.
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