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  1. I remember our advisor in high school telling us that we were getting an extra something for our cégep applications It was a while back though!
  2. I'm not sure if it's still the case or even if it ever was at these Cégeps, but we were told we had a small bonus to our average if we did IB (like 0.5 or something). I'm not sure as it's been a while but it's worth asking your academic advisor about!
  3. Bonjour, À ma connaissance, l'Université d'Ottawa accepte uniquement des étudiants canadiens (aucun étudiant international, sans exceptions).
  4. Hi! Some students are native speakers, others are not. No one is expecting students to have a perfect french. However, everyone is comfortable interacting in french with their peers, professors and patients. If you are able to write the Casper in french and interview in french, then your french is good enough
  5. I really don't know. You can contact their admissions officer by email
  6. Hi! 1) Unless it changes, the one pass/fail class per semester applies. It has not changed. 2) You can credit some classes, but make sure to have a full course load (5 courses/semester; or 4 but missing courses taken during the summer/another academic year). For example, if you got credit for class X and you only take 4 courses in the fall semester, you need to take the 5th missing course. Good luck
  7. Hi, People get in the french stream with that GPA, but I think very very few with that GPA get in the english stream. If you get a decent Casper and a decent ABS, you have a very good chance of getting an interview in french. Good luck!
  8. Interesting! I'm sure we could find some people for whom it doesn't apply, but I think these applicants have something amazing that compensates for this.
  9. As others have said, luck is definitely involved. As long as they don't release scores for Casper and the ABS, we will never really know why some people get and interview and others don't. I do have a theory though. It's something that I have noticed but I could be totally wrong. I think that they look for a significant commitment during the academic year on the ABS. Wether it is a part time job, volunteering or even a competitive sport, I think they want to see that you can have good grades while doing something else for at least 10 or 15 hrs/week. The people I know with very high GPAs that did not get interviewed were people that focused only on school from September to May. Anyways that's just my theory. Maybe someone with an amazing Casper and a high GPA would get in without this kind of commitment but I think that for the average applicant it's important. Good luck!
  10. This fee calculator has been accurate for my previous years at UOttawa and includes everything. So the amount you get is probably accurate! I haven't heard anything about registration... I have access to UOzone because I have studied at UOttawa previously and it seems like I am not registered in any program.
  11. Hi, I think you might not be eligible for other Québec med schools (they would consider your first degree marks - but check their website to make sure). You might have to consider if you are willing to apply to other universities that consider only best 2 or 3 years OR most recent 2-3 years (some Ontario med schools do this). Some people apply to only one school once and get in, but that's not the majority. This is why I would suggest looking into different med school options. I know some people in social sciences (no labs) that worked 25 hrs/week and still had very high grades. However, I personally do not know anyone who was working full time in a science degree (or even 25 hrs/week) and still achieved high grades. I'm not saying you can't do it, but it's something you should be aware of. Even if you are highly motivated, studying for classes simply require time. I worked around 15 hrs/week throughout my undergrad while taking a full course load. For me that was my limit. If I worked more, I would get tired and feel like there was never enough time to study. Working part-time is an option I suggest looking into. Good luck!
  12. No, I meant health sciences degrees. Look at Queen's Health Sciences https://bhsc.queensu.ca/program-and-courses/curriculum or UOttawa Health Sciences https://health.uottawa.ca/course-sequence-bhsc-2019-20. Also, the employment perspectives with traditional premed degrees usually are not good.
  13. Another aspect to consider is what you are good at. For some, courses that are more social sciences oriented are easier than sciences (math, chem, biochem, physics). If writing essays is easier for you, then I would recommend health sciences type programs. If you enjoy life sciences, then opt for a degree that's more science heavy. I would recommend looking at the course sequence for the different degrees and decide based on your strengths. Good luck!
  14. For Ontario and Outaouais applicants (french stream), the wGPA cut off was 3.70/4.00 for this application cycle. I would assume this now becomes a 3.70 cGPA cut off.
  15. Hi! I do not think references are expected to be completely objective. You should pick people who know you well but that are not family or friends. My references were either professional (work supervisors) or academic (research supervisors). They all wanted me to get into medical school. They knew me in a professional setting, but I wouldn't say that they were objective. I don't think your references need to have prior knowledge of canmeds. I simply gave mine examples of the canmeds that I displayed while working with them.
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