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  1. Oh no, I don't know anything about that story. I agree with you about the cut-offs being firm. Just thought I'd bring this up in case anyone had any thoughts because this is something I heard.
  2. Agreed. Somewhere on the forum I read that someone got in with a 123 cars. Not sure how true it is but still worth noting. Usually I think anywhere above 126 is safe.
  3. Thanks Darce! Any reason you think there's still hope for some schools? Most deadlines aren't until Dec or Jan so I definitely can meet them if I submit by this month.
  4. Some rumours have been going around that people who didn't meet Western's cutoffs last year got interview invites based on their ABS sketch responses. Any thoughts on this?
  5. MCAT avg ~506, GPA 3.95. Applying to MD and DO but spent all my time rewriting my MCAT and focusing on Canadian apps. Do I have a shot at MD schools if I submit secondaries by the end of this month?
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