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  1. NB applicant. Rejected Undergrad: 3.6 Master's: 4.0 MCAT: 502 Dissapointed but I know my time will come someday soon. Congrats to all accepted and good luck to those on the waitlist.
  2. I can't speak for the US but for Canada, many people match out. It depends on the program you want to do, you usually list your top three locations and interview and then you're notified of your results. I wouldnt worry!
  3. Haha fair! We got an email about the Rural med group today so that made me feel better!
  4. Is this required for them to acknowledge your accepted invite?
  5. I was able to join it and there's close to 200 people in the group....I clicked the link and it lead there. When you search for it, before you click enter it won't come up. All I searched was "MUN med interview group 2019" and once I hit enter it popped up.
  6. Wow our stats are super similar! Where did you do your masters? I just finished mine at UBC!
  7. I don't think so. They'll be sending invites until the 15th!
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/390786238259388/
  9. Not a problem at all! Thanks so much! Rooting for you!
  10. Hey! My GPA first two years was crap. Last 2 years of undergrad I had a 3.6. My master's in Biochem I have a 4.0. I got a 502 on the MCAT (strong in the sciences and CARS kicked my ass). I also have A LOT of ECs. Hope this helps!
  11. NB applicant! Got my interview minutes ago!!!! Hold on to hope!
  12. Thanks!! I'm an NB applicant going out of my mind!!
  13. Yes congrats!! And thanks for that info!! Alright here we go, good luck everyone!
  14. It is! I'm starting to get really antsy about what's going on. Anyone hear anything through the grapevine?
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