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  1. Thank you or your input! I was listed alongside quite a few other faculty Co-Applicants and Co-Principal Applicants with far more extensive research qualifications than I have - perhaps compensating for those which I lack. However, the nature of our specific clinical research permitted me to take a substantial role within the research team that other Co-Applicants were, perhaps, less suited/experienced to undertake (e.g. unique knowledge about the target population to contribute when considering study design, data collection, and even analysis etc.) . I believe that was why I may have been included in the roles I was listed to hold in the awards. Nonetheless, I have also reached out to schools directly to see what they think. I also intend to speak to the nominated principal investigator whom I intend to list as a verifier - especially if ADCOMs wish to verify this, the NPI would be able to speak about specifics. We'll see what everyone says! Thank you!
  2. Hi, As an undergraduate who has worked with a clinician scientist on a research project since second year, I've gotten to become quite involved in the particular project. One thing I've been a part of has been the application for CIHR grants - two successful applications. Officially, in the grant application and the information available upon a search in the CIHR funding database, I have been listed as a co-Investigator in one and co-Principal Investigator in the other. Can this go into my OMSAS application and if so, where? Awards? OMSAS officially says "do no list your funding received by your supervisor" however in the grants awarded my designation has been co-principal applicant/co-principal investigator (in the first grant) and or co-applicant/co-investigator (in the second grant). Additionally, I believe there is a section within the funding database entries that that lists "supervisor" however no entry was made .. I'm assuming this also supports that in terms of the grant awards, as far as CIHR is concerned, I am not considered a supervised student. Any thoughts? I'd very much like to include these in my application as I have contributed significantly to the project from conception to the launching of this project. Generally, I feel as though I have not quite been a traditional undergraduate research student with this project (as I am within a basic science research lab that I'm doing my UG thesis in) and have been involved to a greater degree (i.e. more of a co-investigator than a supervised student). Thanks!
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