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  1. I called the tech support and they said it usually takes 24 hours for the email forwarding to become active. Sure enough, mine starting working 1 day later
  2. It might be too rushed to re-write for the upcoming cycle as you said, but you could consider re-writing for the next, next cycle (hopefully you'll get in before then, but it's good to plan ahead). A high mcat score will help you tremendously post-interview, and could very well be the difference between waitlist and acceptance. The average mcat of the entering class is 514 I believe
  3. Did he say that for us? I don't remember lol. But that might just mean one bad station won't destroy your overall interview score (which is the average of 11 stations), not that your lowest station will be dropped. I feel like he said that to remind everyone to not get so caught up with one poor station that it negatively affects all your remaining stations.
  4. I know that some people think UBC drops the lowest station, but there's no evidence they do. I think it's better to practice with the mindset that no station will be dropped.
  5. Just wondering, how do you know your references were great? Also, it's not just the letter; there's also the ranking portion. Hypothetically, a poor rank in one of the questions could result in rejection. Some people here were also speculating that it's possible to simultaneously have a red flag in one of your interview stations AND receive an above average interview score. I don't know how true this is. However, a while back, someone here posted the job posting for the "non-academic evaluations coordinator," and one of their responsibilities was to "interpret interviewer comments." So it seems like it may be possible to have a high interview score but have poor comments on some stations. This must be very frustrating for you, but I would maybe look into the references. Also, like the others mentioned, continue to improve all aspects of your app (NAQ, interviewing, etc.). Your MCAT is honestly fine, but if you have the energy to re-write, then go for it! Definitely re-apply though!
  6. What was your MCAT? I think it's usually due to low MCAT. The average MCAT of accepted applicants is 514, so you want to aim for that or higher. If you get rejected with above average interview AND have a super high MCAT, then I guess it might be due to poor references
  7. Last year it was: Regrets @ 10:35 AM Waitlist @ 11:03 AM NMP ? IMP acceptance @ 11:39 AM SMP ? VFMP acceptance @ 11:56 AM Couldn't find the times for NMP and SMP, but the offer emails are staggered based on site
  8. I spoke to a medical student as well and they confirmed that UBC told them that invites will go out on the 12th
  9. How do you know they drop your worst station? I've never heard of that before
  10. That would make sense. Maybe they only emailed people with pending transcripts last year
  11. Last year, the post-interview acceptance rate for OOP was 65.4% if you include people who got in off the waitlist, so your chances right now are really good!
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