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  1. Well, I just got the same R. Seems like a wave. Good luck to everyone else!
  2. The title should tell you the decision. It's either "Interview Invitation" or "Final MD Decision" :/
  3. I think the med school is better and do care about mental health. That's why they replaced final exams with smaller bi-weekly tests. I guess they care about the well-being of med students but not applicants
  4. In my opinion, UofT's entire rolling invite system makes no sense. Not only is it illogical, but it's terrible for the mental health of applicants. I'm pretty sure they could tweak their application review system so that all applicants get an interview decision in late Feb and they hold interviews every weekend in late March and early April
  5. Last year, I think some people received an invite on that day too. I know someone who did
  6. They historically send the last major R wave exactly 2 weeks before the last interview weekend
  7. Yeah I think today was probably the last wave. They said they try to send invites at least 2 weeks prior to the interview date, and today is literally the last day to do so. I think any future invites will be due to people cancelling, and I don't think many people cancel
  8. I think I saw multiple people get invited for the 28th though on the other thread. It looks like they're filling both days at the same time. Hopefully there's still lots of spots left
  9. It should be only 3 more days max of waiting though, so it's almost over
  10. You could make a post in the group and ask if anyone is interested in Skype practicing I'm sure you're not the only one who doesn't live in Vancouver
  11. There is! Feel free to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubcmmi2020/
  12. So tomorrow should be early invites right? I really hope there aren't any more rejections
  13. AQ formula (from 2017/2018) is AQ = 1.6246 * AGPA - 115.57 so your AQ is 29.3 and NAQ is 15.7
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