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  1. You could make a post in the group and ask if anyone is interested in Skype practicing I'm sure you're not the only one who doesn't live in Vancouver
  2. There is! Feel free to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubcmmi2020/
  3. Yeah I don't know why UBC does this. I appreciate that they tell us the week, but can't they also announce the regrets day and invites day? And keep all the regrets to a single day
  4. So tomorrow should be early invites right? I really hope there aren't any more rejections
  5. AQ formula (from 2017/2018) is AQ = 1.6246 * AGPA - 115.57 so your AQ is 29.3 and NAQ is 15.7
  6. I heard UBC will contact you if there are verifier problems though
  7. Sorry about your result That's an insane mcat score btw. Was this today or yesterday? And is your timezone ET or PST?
  8. I was just looking at babyyoda's screenshot. I'm not sure how to use the inspector tool. Maybe someone else can help you out!
  9. There's 4 numbers (0, 63, 52, and 63 again). The first 63 is for the OOP cutoff so the second 63 is your TFR. These values are rounded, so you probably missed the cutoff by a few decimal points
  10. The AQ formula for the 2017/2018 cycle was worked out to be AQ = 1.6246 * AGPA - 115.57. So yeah your AQ should be about 19.35. I couldn't find the formula from last cycle, but I think the formula doesn't really change from year to year
  11. Haha I had the idea of measuring with a ruler too. You could probably estimate your exact AQ and NAQ score using the AQ formulas from previous years (and also estimate your TFR for next year). I feel like the formulas don't really change from year to year
  12. I think I read from one of last year's threads that it was around 11:30 am
  13. I think someone recently made a separate interview/regrets thread. I've heard that most rejections will be sent by Monday, but not all :/
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