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  1. Hey Guys, Sorry I couldn't comment on all the stuff last night - but great points!! 1) I don't have much electives time before CaRMS due to my rotation schedule and sufficient parallel planning. 2) As Redpill pointed out - the 8 week cap does apply to me. I can try to do psych emerg or family emerg and have it count as a psych and family elective to circumvent the cap. However, I'm hesitant to do that. The policy was put in place because students weren't exploring enough fields. I agree with the policy wholeheartedly, and I understand why it was put in place so I'm not really ecstatic about this option. Also idk if this would be looked down upon by residency programs? 3) I talked to the program director - he said that an elective at this school isn't required. However, idk if this is the politically correct answer that shadows the hidden curriculum, or he really meant it? Hard to tell at this point... My core will be at a large site so I think I should meet them? 4) I've done research with some influential people in the program - I think they know me at this point? Idk though, I'm going to keep networking during clerkship! 5) Also I'd like to do some electives OOP to increase my chances of matching. This is something that I was very weirded out by. I planned on doing 50% of my electives OOP and 50% IP (Ontario). Is this too much? Thanks for all the help guys - electives planning is stressful so I appreciate your time!
  2. Hey Guys, I was wondering about the effectiveness of doing home-school electives. I'm currently going for something competitive (emerg) and need help! Here's the two points that I'm currently debating (enlighten me please) 1) Do a home school elective - this shows interest in the program, and previous stats show I'm most likely to match here due to the home school advantage being very blatant in their previous batches. 2) Don't do a homeschool elective - I will be completing a core for the speciality I'm interested in anyways. I've developed strong research connections at my home school, and I'll likely get letters from my core. Apart from that, I've tried to network as much as possible. Will an extra 2 weeks on top of a 4 week core and multiple year at the school change anything? This time could be used to branch out to other schools. Have I done enough to show my interest?
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