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  1. I had a similar experience, also not feeling very good about how that went overall. Def more challenging and less personal than I expected it to be.
  2. LATE POST Status: Rejection Time Stamp: Mar 16 @ 1426 Location: IP Stream: English cGPA/wGPA: 3.93/not eligable for weighting MCAT: 517 Current year: 2 years out of school, working in healthcare ECs: a little bit of everything, lots of clincal-related entries, good enough for Queens Essays: thought they were pretty good, spent a long time on them Good luck to everyone interviewing / still waiting to hear back !
  3. Feel free to message me as well! Currently working as an RN, got a few interviews this cycle too
  4. Status: invite Time Stamp: 1217 Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 517 - 130/129/128/130 2yr GPA: 3.93ish Current year: graduated in 2018, working as RN since EC: lots of varied clincal experience, research, mission trip to central america, volunteer work with vulnerable populations, some unique sports activities
  5. Time Stamp: Jan 30 @ 1006 Invite/reject: invite!!! IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): Y 2YGPA: 3.93ish MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 130/129/128/130 Essays (X/8): 8/8 spent a long time on essays, didn't re-use entries....also didn't write "about you" essay...glad that didn't make or break it!
  6. Looking for people interviewing this cycle to practice with! MMI and/or panel Shoot me a message if interested
  7. Time Stamp: Jan 8 @ 0903 Invite/Reject: Invite! GPA: 3.93 CARS: 129 Casper: answered all questions but felt awful. thunderstorm during test, my internet disconnected at least 4 times lol. very surprised to say the least!! Geography: IP
  8. I used Kaplan with some Khan academy, teaching myself everything from scratch, and scored a 517. I think Kaplan is great for content. As previous posts mentioned, go elsewhere for practice tests. Good luck!
  9. On one of U of T’s admission videos they say to go by the 250 word limit!
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