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  1. How is this change going to impact the second round of cut-offs within each applicant (undergrad, grad) pool?
  2. From my understanding, @Neurostudent If you automatically qualify for the weighting formula, there's no need for a request. Requests are usually only done if the applicant isn't eligible for the wGPA like when they haven't taken a full-course load in their undergrad years
  3. Hi @Neurostudent Oh wow we're exactly in the same situation right now. So wGPA stands for 'weighted GPA'. You can find more info on UofT Med website, basically they've stated the following: If you have completed every year of your undergraduate studies on a full-time basis with a full-course load i.e. five full course equivalents (FCEs), in the regular academic session (September-April), we will automatically apply the wGPA formula. The wGPA removes one FCE grade(s) for each year of study from your GPA." Thank you! Fingers crossed
  4. Yes very similar! @wakedywack Just curious so you're a grad applicant? Masters or PhD? Thats the thing! What I'm questioning is the cut off after the 3.0 initial one.
  5. Hello! I'm new to this website, I'm not sure how to tag commenters, @RiderSx. Hope you can see this Apart from us being in different applicant pools, you in undergrad and me in the grad one, assuming they accepted your AEE and took your wGPA into account makes sense as its relatively pretty high. In my case, even if they do accept my AEE partially it will only get up to 3.69 if I've done my calculations right. If they grant a full weighting, it gets to 3.73. I have an intuitive feeling that the cut off for the grad pool will likely be around low 3.8s, and if it happens to be that, my file would then not get reviewed. What do you think? That's my worst nightmare.. I really want to get a full file review. I've written the essays before and I'm confident in doing a good job on them. If I can get in touch with some of your grad friends who have gotten in that'd be great. I'm happy you finally got to where you needed your MCAT to be. I completely agree, I'm now studying for my second re-write and just going through the process again is definitely demoralizing. Last time I didn't have the best studying conditions for it, and I don't really know what to say about this time round with my grad commitments. But it is what it is and I need to make the most of it.
  6. Hi everyone. I have plans of applying to medical school as a grad applicant but I feel that I don't have the best odds of getting accepted. My cGPA is around 3.54, and I'm not automatically eligible for wGPA and I will write the AEE. Given if they grant partial wGPA, my marks come up to around 3.74. I feel hopeless. This is literally all I'm thinking about, day and night. I'm trying my best, have scheduled to write the mcat in the next few months and on top of that, during this period, I have to finish my graduate thesis. My focus on what my future and my career is going to look like has overwhelmed my sense of self-esteem.I know feeling pessimistic about the process, especially when preparing for the mcat is the worst thing I could do and makes everything tenfold harder. I appreciate any advice you have for me.
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