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  1. Check out some of the symptoms my child is facing: short attention span Making careless mistakes forgetful or losing things Being completely unable to stick to tasks that are tedious Being unable to listen instructions Constantly changing activity or task, Having difficulty organizing tasks I know that these are symptoms of ADHD but as i'm a working person so don't have time to go to speech therapist. My child is facing these problems and i'm really worried. Can anyone suggest me speech therapists in Toronto who can actually help me with this.
  2. My 4 year old toddler is skipping words and often do stutter. He use to say thing e.g: "habbbit" instead of "rabbit". Sometimes he takes long pauses during the conversation. I never demoralize him or interrupts him during the conversation. Can anyone suggest me what might be the problem and should i need to see a speech therapist or his stutter will go with time?
  3. The actual reason behind ADHD may be : Genetics, Brain function and structure, Premature birth, People with epilepsy, Brain damage (from either the womb or after) Some of the symptoms for this disease might be: Memory loss, forgetfulness Easy distractions Change in behaviour or mood shortly Unorganised tasks and many others
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