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  1. I don't think so, I asked the ozztrekk admissions and tbey said the australian specializations can't be transferred to canada the way just a normal dental degree in australia can.
  2. Is it only OMFS programs that accept purely north american dental schools? Or is western and mcgill the only OMFS programs that have this requirement, or is there a website/resource I can look at to see all the specialties offered at each university in canada/ontario?
  3. they have a university fair happening on october 5th so you can try going there and asking them
  4. just wondering, what are ways I can outcompete someone for the seat? Better reference letters and resume?
  5. when they're going through applicants, do they care at all about what and where I get my degree? Say I apply to the same specialization program as someone who has a DDS from canada, do you know if they will prefer the one from canada?
  6. Hello all, I'm thinking about doing a dental degree in Australia and if I come back to Canada and choose to specialize, will they care about the fact that my dental degree is from abroad? I understand that it's possible to specialize, but I want to know from anyone who might know whether or not it will just be harder.
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