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  1. Oh man I loved reading this. I've also talked to some of our class reps and admins, hopefully they can make some changes but I doubt it.
  2. Unlike previous years, I don't think we can skip ILs because almost the entire content portion of our curriculum is now on the ILs. It's (again in my opinion) an extremely stupid layout because we learn almost nothing that is hard science in the lectures (just social science stuff) while the actual hard sciences like anatomy, histology and embryology are 100% on the ILs. It's the most frustrating aspect of this curriculum, almost like we're paying 25k tuition to learn from online videos instead of in class.I had heard good things about the previous curriculum but the new curriculum so far has been nothing but unimpressive and messy.
  3. No need to apologize, sorry if the tone of my original response came off a little aggressive lol. Thanks for your input.
  4. we have a 70% pass grade cutoff and honestly I can see a lot of people failing to reach that. What will happen if half the class gets below 70%? Again another crappy thing about the new curriculum is the raised passing grade from 60% to 70% this year ... which really means you have to get 75% if you want to avoid having to meet with an academic coach.
  5. I don't know what you mean by decide which ILs to look at more in depth? The course chairs already said the ILs are tested to the same extent as the lecture content, so we need to know every IL in depth. And doing the weekly self-assessments so far we can see that they ask pretty specific questions from these ILs so it's not like we can just skim them.
  6. I did join that but I can't find the link anymore Do you mind messaging me it Edit: nvm found it
  7. Coming in I'd heard that medschool can be a little crazy, but almost everyone should be able to manage things pretty well. I'm currently attending 1st year at Schulich, and talking to some of the 2nd years, they all say that they studied around 2-3 hours a night after class and generally things weren't too bad. I am (in my opinion) extremely unfortunate in that I am part of a new curriculum, as Western has completely revamped the curriculum starting from the class of 2023. On most days we have in-class lectures from 8 AM to 12:30 PM, and on 2 days of the week we have small groups and PCCM (patient centered clinical methods - an interview course) running into 5 PM. Now if all I had to do was keep up with in-class lectures, I'd be golden. But they assign us these monstrous IL's (independent learning modules) that are each about 2x as much as the in-class lectures in content. This week for example we have 11 such IL's we have to complete. These are completely ridicilous, last week for example our "IL's" for Wednesday were basically an undergrad histology course on muscle, connective and nervous tissue. I am not exaggerating, we literally had an entire histology course as an IL in one night. We are expected to go through these in our own time, and they are testable. I simply cannot keep up. At orientation they said they expect us to do 6 hours of studsying outside of the class for these IL's, and a few hours a night for lecture material in class. That is simply not how things are, as it stands I am easily averaging 60-70 hours of studying outside of the class per week. Ontop of this, like I said I can't keep up and am behind. I have notes on everything but simply have no time to actually memorize them. And to make matters worse, the second years are no help because our curriculum is completely revamped, they don't know what we're going through. We have tuesdays off to go through this material on our own, but to be honest the amount of work we are assigned outside of the class is MUCH MORE than one day's worth of material. I am feeling stressed and it's concerning that I'm already worried about passing the end of block exam in December in week 4. I apologize if that was a bit of a ramble, I should get back to studying.... Please help.
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