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  1. Is it typically a full 24hours after early invites before regular invites?
  2. I'm on right now...I refreshed to see if it would kick me out but it's still working.
  3. I have my anatomy final tonight and studying has been ROUGH because of this whole situation. Fingers crossed for good news for all of us!!
  4. Congrats to everyone offered early invites! The wait was worth it hopefully the rest of us will hear results tomorrow
  5. Please If anyone is reading this and has gotten an email today (invite or regret) let us know. I’m still waiting and the amount of anxiety I am experiencing is ridiculous
  6. From what I understand, last year they were sent Tuesday. I'm not sure about other years.
  7. Are your applications statuses on OAS still "No interview decision made"? @initrams @HongHongHong
  8. This is my first year applying to UBC, but according to the thread from last year all the regrets went out Monday. Not sure about the number of waves
  9. It's so weird that we only heard about 1 wave of rejections today....makes me really nervous!
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