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  1. I second ProctorU! I just wrote my Biomedical Ethics final through Athabasca/ProctorU last night.
  2. From what I understand, you can't apply as a 3rd year. You need to be, at minimum, completing your undergraduate degree the spring prior to starting med school. From the U of A Application Requirements: All applicants to the Doctor of Medicine Program must be registered in a baccalaureate degree from a program recognized by the University of Alberta and obtain their degree the year admission is sought or already have completed their degree program.
  3. Quick question for all those who have applied to U of A in the past. Was there a warning before the accept/reject/waitlist emails were sent or did they just get sent one day? I've gone back to look at the admissions posts from previous years and there is a quite a variety in when the first wave of acceptance letters go out (I saw some in 2018 on April 23???). Thanks! Hope the wait is going well for everyone and everyone is staying healthy!
  4. I had an absolutely wonderful experience overall!! The beginning was rocky technical wise...I was supposed to start at 8:40 on Saturday morning but I didn't make contact with anyone until ~8:55. Those 15 minutes were incredibly stressful. But once the actual interview started, I had a lot of fun. The questions were very "wholesome" (for lack of a better word..) and I really appreciated that. I felt like I was able to connect with all of my interviewers. Compared to U of A last weekend, I was very impressed with how smoothly and organized USask was!
  5. My interview is Saturday at 8:40am and I received my codes at 4:43 this afternoon.
  6. That's a good question...I would suggest asking when you write your confirmation email. UBC didn't allow writing during the prep time. Definitely harder, but not impossible!!
  7. Same. I'm getting a bit worried and anxious considering how close the interviews are...
  8. The more people share, the more comforted I feel by the fact that this was a gong show for everyone haha. Guess it's time to hunker down and wait until May....like always, it's going to be a looooong wait
  9. Same. They knew who I was but I didn’t get an introduction. They at least said that there were 4 people? But it was honestly just one question after another with no interaction.
  10. Hey fam! Check your emails...the MMI for this year has officially gone virtual. You should have received an email with a link to a video giving more info. It sounds like it will be more MMI style, just shorter.
  11. Okay that makes me feel a bit better. Thats how I felt too. It seems like people are having relatively similar experiences.
  12. Yes the screen was just black. Audio worked fine for the most part. I was talking the entire time with my hands and gesturing but no one saw except me lol
  13. Just wanted to start a thread so we can debrief about the interview... The video didn't work at any point on either end during my interview. Each party could see themselves but we couldn't see each other. I'm definitely panicking and not feeling great at this point about the whole thing.
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