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  1. Congrats everyone. I'll be applying there next year. Do you guys mind sharing your stats btw?
  2. On Oztrekk it says that a 70% GPA in your final 3 years would make you competitive for Melbourne. I'm not too sure about Sydney, I'd email them and ask.
  3. I'm looking to apply to University of Melbourne for their DDS program and had a question to see if anyone has any insight on. On their site it says that the last 3 years of your studies will be used to calculate your wGPA. I'm currently in my 5th and final year (had to do school part time due to supporting family) and wanted to know how they would calculate GPA if I didn't have full course loads in my last 3 years. Would they just take the last 30 courses I've taken in my degree? I've contacted Oztrekk about this but haven't gotten a reply so wanted to know if any of you guys know anything about it.
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