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  1. But like I said before, even 3 to 6 is an exaggeration. More like 3 to 4. I give up. Peace out folks. I dont think premed forums is good for me, but at least I tried it out.
  2. I'm terribly sorry on my autocorrect behalf. I meant 3 TO 6.
  3. I don't actually have 36 publications. I was exaggerating, I'm sorry for the confusion. I have 3 or 4, and these are as 6th or 7th author, and range from Grade 12 to current (2nd year). And it's true, I have connections with my father through some of my research. But English is not his first language and my job is to do a through read-through and editing of each article. And even after this I only get 7th author, because we want to make it super clear that everything we do is ethical/above ground. Everything else is a newsletter, which I'm not sure even counts as a publication. And these are pretty minor too. But yeah, nowhere near 200 publications. Also definitely not at age 12. I agree with the above poster, I was basically watching Barbie movies and trying to learn to ice skate at that age:)
  4. i'm actually genuinely sorry. i just read my posts back to myself and i realize i must sound pretty arrogant. that was never my intention. i agree with you 100%. i'll try to take my mind off of it. thanks for your time and input, i really do appreciate you giving me some perspective. i think i needed to hear it:)
  5. yeah. he's in scarborough. also neurologist.
  6. This made me laugh yeah maybe. I could write that post now
  7. Come on man. I have a 129 in CARS. I tutor children in my free time. I used to ice skate. I memorized the Quran when I was 10. I have 36 publications. I used to be a paper carrier. I work with children with ASD. I got almost all of the awards for highest mark in a course in high school. I write posts for an elderly woman on facebook who has vision loss. I'm pretty well rounded.
  8. This post has been removed
  9. Hi All, I finished 2 years at OntarioTechU (formerly- and much more appropriately- UOIT) and am applying in my third year. I was just wondering why it seems that so less people get in during 3rd year? Is it because application people regard this negatively? Or because most 3rd years just aren't where they need to be for GPA, MCAT, etc? Input appreciated.
  10. Oh wow. Thanks guys. It's just that my dad (neurologist in Scarborough) tells me about all of these "amazing" students he worked with who had "4/4" and didn't get in. Knowing my dad, he may be over estimating everyone's GPA, but it still drives me insane with anxiety. But thanks to everyone who responded anyways.
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