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  1. Pretty sure it can be any 2 years. I think you have to prove it somehow though, so be prepared for that.
  2. OOP is insanely competitive. Unfortunately i think its pretty unlikely you get an interview. You can check out previous years stats here: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/admissions/8831.html
  3. Ill start: IP MCAT: 512 AGPA: 3.9 No rural coefficient A couple socioeconomic coefficients No academic coefficient
  4. You also have to take the casper test. I would advise focusing on your classes, but the mcat is weighted way more heavily than agpa, so when its time to take the mcat, you really want to kill it.
  5. No way, congrats! Im taking the mcat again late september, so focusing on that for now. Any advice for prepping for the interview?
  6. Just got my mcat score back, got a 509, pretty disappointing as i was scoring significantly higher on FL's. My agpa is around 3.9. What do you guys think my odds are of getting an interview?
  7. Not sure if that will be a sufficient amount of time to count towards the rural coefficient, i think probably not. For the academic coefficient i believe you need 5 publications or a PhD. Refer to this for specifics: http://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/medicine_bulletin.pdf
  8. Yes, ECs are not looked at unless something comes up on the MMI. Everything you need to know is here: http://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/medicine_bulletin.pdf
  9. If your AGPA is over 3.4, you have a chance. You would need to be an in province manitoba applicant though. AGPA is a relatively small portion of the equation they use, so if you were to kill the mcat and interview you would have a solid chance.
  10. If you take courses in the fall they will not count toward the AGPA calculation for this application cycle.
  11. Ya can confirm, many decline, and a lot of waitlist movement. Not sure if 15-20 people though.
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