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  1. Ya i think you should definitely get an interview if you performed at or above the mean for casper. Because you will be below the average accepted mean for both your agpa and mcat i would really try to focus on the MMI and try to an above average score. If you get an above average MMI score i would think you have a really good chance at acceptance
  2. If i were you i would just be focusing on preparing for the MMI Im curious how you guys managed a 4.5 agpa, I go to uofw and it seems like getting an A+ in 75% of the courses is an extremely difficult feat.
  3. Nah average MMI invite AGPA tends to be around 4.14 and MCAT around 512 https://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/admissions/8831.html
  4. Damn kope those are good stats! Are you IP? Your Casper and MMI must have been really low haha.
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