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  1. Thank you... Yes I am IP! I really hope I don't discourage anyone but I think I am standing around the average for IP applicants who gets invited for MMI. Yeah, although my GPA and MCAT were worse last year, MMI and CASPer were definitely things!
  2. Hey all, this may seem pretty early but I am looking for people to prep MMI with, maybe starting in November or after. Email me at godofkope@gmail.com if interested. * Don't hesitate to email me even if you are reading this post much after it has been posted, as long as you are in the 2020 cycle.
  3. AGPA: 4.48 MCAT: 514 2nd attempt this year IP I am recruiting people to practice MMI together, maybe starting in early November It may seem a bit early, but I am one of those people needing more MMI practice lol If you already have a group and willing to allow me in, or if you wanna form a new group with me, email godofkope@gmail.com
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