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  1. GPA and CARS were ranked 15 % each post-interview before. What could have been more fair is a ranked lottery system similar to how sports leagues do their draft picks. Those higher on the rank list pre-interview would get a higher lottery chance of getting in. Then move down so the lower ranked applicants can still get in but they have a lower percentage chance because of their GPA,CARS,CASPER.
  2. No button. 3.98 GPA, 130 CARS. Interviewed at Mac, Ottawa and UofT.
  3. Its more similar to co-workers though he is the lab tech for our entire lab. In the relationship to the applicant on the CAF it mentioned examples of employment (supervisor, manager, co-worker, etc...) and since co-worker was included as an example i'm thinking it should be fine? Its a valuable character reference just wondering if it would be perceived as non-objective and would get thrown out for U of T.
  4. I'm having a PI write a letter as well! I felt that myself and our technician really connected well and would speak strongly to my character reference even if we are more like co-workers.
  5. Was wondering if having my research technician who works in my lab write a referee letter is appropriate? They are not a student so therefore not a peer.
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