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  1. interesting you should say that, I am choosing between Scotia (great program of course) - whose rep is very nice but not someone i actually know - and RBC, whose rep is a family friend of mine who is very well-versed in advising medical students/staff because they both have ~equivalent nice bonus points packages (up to 45000 bonus pts at each), im weighing the $300 cash bonus from Scotia with the potential ease/hook-ups that having familiarity would give me long-term. from the looks of it, rmorelan, you'd probably suggest going with RBC eh?
  2. oh that's great. although, all this competition makes it quite hard to pick a bank LOL
  3. for Scotia users: does the 2 year grace period begin after graduation or after completing residency?
  4. lol aren't u the same person who said the entire admissions system needs to be overhauled and people should stop jumping all through the 'hoops' of adcoms nationwide? why don't you spend some time studying for an MCAT retake man, you're just yelling into an abyss at this point.
  5. can't think of an opinion i disagree with more tbh. 1. Schools didn't exclude winter2020 grades for people that failed, they did it because it was an outlier. Many people thrived off of cancellations and empathetic professors and had their "first 4.0 semester". This high achievement is attributable to the pandemic and thus, is not a fair data point for peoples' performance. Thus, the most fair approach is to ignore it. 2. Please do not assume you have the competence or experience to occupy high-ranking academic positions in faculties of medicine that have been around longer than many COUNTRIES. I am Black, grew up quite poor and had no mentors or role models through my journey. I still pushed myself through every obstacle required to get into medical schools. I didn't complain, and still don't. Why? Because there are thousands of students who would kill for the chance to be in my position. You think premeds won't happily put themselves through the application process regardless of recent changes? The only revolution that needs to happen is with your attitude.
  6. ^ i thought the same thing. that's 800 bucks per application! pretty bogus imo
  7. this user made their account 3 days ago and has made 0 other posts. it's almost certainly a troll. there is literally ZERO concrete evidence to suggest BSAP applicants have significantly lower standards for gpa or other academic metrics. its entirely assumed by the slightly higher rate of entry (and possibly peoples' general presumptions about black people and their GPAs?).
  8. lol at "infinitely easier". this user is clearly taking jabs at BSAP applicants. everyone i know who interviewed through BSAP had a wGPA greater than 3.95 (literally 10 people). you still have to be great
  9. Who said family medicine is competitive? Several family med residencies go completely unfilled every year. I’ve been told if you rank family med as your 3rd choice on Carms you’re basically guaranteed a match.
  10. Toronto should be okay with it from my understanding, so long as the prerequisite courses are fulfilled. A general word of advice for med schools, though, is to be open to attend any that you apply to. They each accept less than 10% of applicants, and as such, virtually everyone needs to be ready to move cities to attend. Also, I don't think continuing to run your business would be an option during your medical studies to be completely frank.
  11. i know uOttawa has a strict limit on how much of your courseload can be online, so I think they'd be out of the running. depending on where you live, NOSM is most likely out of the running as well. It seems like your choices are Toronto, Western, and Mac. McMaster almost certainly doesn't care, since they have virtually no limitations on what your undergrad major/courses/courseload are. Western and Toronto I'm not sure about.
  12. I didn't really have premed friends in Uni but I made a couple during my application cycle and was pretty transparent, but of course everybody's different. Keeping to yourself is fine, but don't expect others to be very forthcoming to you when they find resources and links to good things for MCAT, interview prep, courses, volunteering opportunities, etc. In my opinion, it's good to be as giving and team-spirited with school stuff. Keeps the good karma flowing
  13. @short_stack Thanks! He's very experienced working in pharmacies and is pretty dead-set on it. He's not thinking of any backup, but was just trying to see how much he'd expect waitlists to move at the pharm schools he applied to. Oh well, not much waiting left anyway!
  14. My cousin is awaiting pharmacy decisions soon. He's wondering if pharm is seen as a common "backup" for med and, if so, he'd like to hear from any accepted med students to gauge how much wait-list movement he should anticipate. I know, it may seem a little neurotic but I'd like to be able to ease his mind a bit with a couple of anecdotes.
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