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  1. My other option is to get my degree and get the best grades I can moving forward, and pursue a short masters degree before I head to med school if I don't get in. But I'm scared that I wont get into the masters program either
  2. Thank you so much for all your input. Does anyone know more about UofT's GPA requirements and how they calculate things? That is the school I want to go to. I noticed on their requirements, it says: It says "all undergraduate courses completed on a full-time basis". In my university, in order to be considered a full-time student you need to take at least 4 courses per semester. In my first semester of first year, I took 3 courses so I was part time, and in second semester I took 4, so I was full-time (according to my university). In UofT, I think you need to take 5 to be considered full-time. Does this mean my first year is completely removed from their GPA calculation? Or am I mistaken?
  3. This is what it says on uOttawa's regulations: "In an effort to improve their grade or reinforce their knowledge, students can repeat courses they have either passed or failed. With the exception of the courses offered by the Telfer School of Management and the language courses offered by the Faculty of Arts, the student can repeat a successfully completed course that is a prerequisite for a course they have already taken and passed. The following conditions apply: All courses taken and repeated appear on the student’s transcript. All courses, whether passed or failed, can be repeated only once. Only the second grade obtained is used in the calculation of averages. A failing grade can replace a passing grade." Is that what you meant? Or did you mean that medical schools will only count the first time you took it?
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently a second year student at UOttawa in Biomedical sciences. My GPA for first year was very low due to mental health reasons, in fact, it was so low that I was put on academic suspension for second year. In my school, you can still take classes while you're on academic suspension, but they count as "academic upgrading" classes. So far, I am doing really well in my classes, I've gotten A+'s on all of my midterms. Assuming the best, assuming I get a 4.0 in every single class for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, and end up with a 3.8+ GPA (repeating the classes I didn't do well in in the summer to replace the grades) do I still have a chance in getting into UofT's med school? I am doing many extracurriculars, doctor shadowing, and plan on doing some research work as well. Is my academic suspension/withdrawal going to be visible on my transcript? If it is, is it completely impossible to get into med school with it on my transcript, even if I get a very high GPA, very high MCAT score and many extracurriculars?
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