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  1. The interest rate is annual, calculated daily, and compounded monthly; if your balance remained the same for the duration of a 30 day month, your interest calculation can be simplified like this: balance * rate/365 * days_in_month So if your opening balance at the start of the month is $100, and remains the same, you’ll end the month with a new balance of $100.33. $100 + 100*0.04/365*30 = $100.33
  2. Call admissions, explain your situation, and see if they can work something out!
  3. Dollar Limits for Full-Time B.C. Student Loans: The lifetime maximum for British Columbia Student Loans is $50,000. Dollar Limits for Full-Time Canada Student Loans: The lifetime maximum for Canada Student Loans is $71,400. Per https://studentaidbc.ca/sites/all/files/form-library/studentguide.pdf
  4. Absolutely. I included achievements that were a required function of my employment.
  5. Are your practice scores of 515 on AAMC tests or third-party? I also scored lower on my actual exam than I did on practice tests, I think that’s fairly common. I don’t think a 503 is going to make or break your application. The difference between a 515 and a 503 is probably about 3 or 4 points out of 100 (based on prior speculation on this forum about Dal MCAT assessment). Every other component of your application is worth more than the MCAT. Ultimately, will getting a higher MCAT score help you sleep better, or are you comfortable with the rest of your application (ECs, essay, CASPer, interviews)?
  6. Which was your most recent score? I would check with Dal to see if they require your most recent MCAT, or if you can choose a prior score. I believe the AAMC gives them all of your exam scores and dates, but different schools assess multiple scores differently. If given the choice, I would personally elect to share a more well-rounded score with higher CARS, but this is purely my subjective opinion since we have no idea how Dal actually assesses the MCAT. Do keep in mind that it is worth very little of your overall application score (10%, per the website), and either way your scores are decent.
  7. Just posting to say that I had to do the same. Despite being sad and a bit disappointed that I was leaving, my supervisors and colleagues have been very supportive. I’m glad that I told everyone sooner rather than later. Good luck!
  8. What does the Scotia Preferred chequing account not have that you need?
  9. The cash back structure of the Momentum Infinite, even with the annual fee, is still a better deal for me and my card utilization than the rate of return via travel points with the Passport (or any other Scotia/RBC card I’ve found). I was told in no uncertain terms that this card could not be offered for free as part of the LOC.
  10. I have the momentum infinite, which comes with a “free first year,” but you have to pay for it every year after that, even with the medical student LOC. The cash back is worth it, and I prefer it to any points-based system.
  11. I’m 33, and I start this fall.
  12. Honestly, I have no idea what this will turn out to be, nor do I care to speculate. I chose 1930 because it seems likely that the scale of economic depression beginning in 2020 will be significantly greater than the recession of 2008. But yes, it’s a very flawed example—and you simply cannot predict the future of the stock market by drawing comparisons to the past. The main point I was trying to make is that using borrowed money to speculate in the market is a very risky gamble: when choosing what to invest in I look at fractions of percentages of return—when using borrowed money, you’re trying to overcome whole percentage points just to break even, a tremendously expensive endeavour. I personally doubt a vaccine alone will bring the markets back to pre-pandemic levels. The economic factors at play here are far more complex and unpredictable. This is no quick fix. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/09/difference-between-investing-speculating.asp http://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/10-times-worse-than-2008-09-covid-19-leading-to-global-depression-rosenberg-1.1427819
  13. My GPA was 3.9. As for deciding against a second undergrad, I wanted to see if I could teach myself the MCAT material. Seems to have worked out. Practically speaking though, I’m currently working full time, and I’m in my 30’s, so adding an extra 4 years to this journey wasn’t very appealing. I know that I’ll find pre-clerkship more challenging than those with premed backgrounds, but I’m committed. I strongly encourage my fellow BFA/arts people to apply if they feel compelled to do so. I think we bring a lot to the table.
  14. I did a bachelors of fine art, and majored in "interdisciplinary fine art." Do what interests you. (Dal med class of 2024)
  15. Hey, I hear you. I’m super debt-averse, and starting med school this fall is kind of terrifying for that reason. I also worked three part-time jobs during my prior undergrad, but I’ve decided that for med school time is my most valuable asset. I have also decided to move within walking distance of my school despite the higher cost compared to my current situation. The advice I’ve gotten from my friends in residency: don’t worry about the money. Don’t be stupid about it, but don’t stress about it either—it will balance out in the end. Not one to take such advice at face-value, I have written up a number of budget spreadsheets for the next 15 years, haha, and yes, it will be fine in the end.
  16. Do it! I have a BFA from NSCAD, and I have been accepted into Dal Med class of 2024. I had zero science exposure, but I booked an MCAT, bought the box of Kaplan books, set a schedule, and made it happen. Anki was a big help, UWorld is amazing, and Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and YouTube filled in the gaps. Buy the AAMC practice tests and do them in the weeks leading up to the exam, then after each practice review every question (look for MCAT review spreadsheet templates) to pinpoint where you need to focus.
  17. For what it’s worth, I’m buying the 2020 MacBook Air i5. I think the idea that handwriting increases retention is overblown (what you write seems far more important than how you write), and the MacBook better suits my workflow (anki/roam). Down the road (clerkship) I may end up with an iPad as well, but we’ll see what happens.
  18. You have to submit a short additional statement explaining your circumstances, if I recall correctly max 300 words. GPA is then considered in the following manner, per Dal admissions page: Baccalaureate Degree with Request for Exemption from Full Courseload, there is 1 GPA calculation option: a) Overall GPA is dertmined by the alpha-numerical course grades for the most recent senior level 60 credit hours. The minimum GPA must be met in each of two successive 30 credit hours.
  19. Incoming med1... I hope we get pink, orange, or yellow... anything but grey, blue, or green! Haha
  20. I just want to wish you all luck. We're living in some pretty wild times, and this is not the sort of stress you want to have added to what—for me at least—felt like the biggest day of my life. You have every right to be frustrated. I could be totally wrong here, but I'm pretty sure the AAMC doesn't want to fail a whole year of applicants (the authority of their exam depends on scores aligning to the curve they've created). They have a very large body of data about their exam—how difficult each question is, how much time it takes people to complete, and I imagine they will be using this to make the exam as fair as possible given the new constraints. Again, I wish you luck. I have much respect for everyone writing the MCAT this year, and I think the resilience of your cohort will show in the years to come.
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