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  1. Looks like they taught you to be a good dentist but forgot to teach you ethics. How ironical!
  2. I once took my grandfather to your so called “brilliant canadian dentist” and he he happened to extract the wrong tooth which was going to serve as an abutment tooth for his prosthesis. It’s honestly people’s mindset that dentists who are trained in the first world countries are amazing at work whereas ITDs from third world countries are garbage. I don’t know understand why people generalize. Given the above example, I could easily say that canadian dentists are garbage too but, I won’t. Because humans are meant to make mistakes. The stereotype has got to end someday.
  3. 1 home run is better than 2 doubles. At the end of the day, no matter how much time you spend in a dental school, what really matters is the quality of work. I’m a true believer of “work smarter, not harder”
  4. Your argument honestly, doesn’t make any sense to me. We’re not a bunch of quacks who come to Canada and try our luck with these exams. We hold a valid degree although, the commonwealth countries recognizes it as “non-accredited” and provide us with different pathways to choose in order to get a legal licensure to practice. It doesn’t make us any less of a dentist than you are. It’s unjust to judge our skills just because we don’t belong those 5 countries. Also, as I had mentioned earlier, there are 4 parts to the NDEB which are held every 6 months. So, it takes about 2 years to pass all the 4 parts. If spending 6 months of our lives on each exam is not sufficient for you, then I don’t know what is. And, 1 exam is meant to last for a few hours and not days.
  5. You should be glad that many dentists all over the world come to your country to contribute to it’s economy. Not saying that it is our goal to do so but we do. Nobody, not even foreign nationals are exempted from paying tax. Also, like you said that 3 exams are not equivalent to the 4 year studies you do, kindly do your homework because every exam is help within a gap of 6 months so giving 3 exams + 1 OSCE takes about 2-2.5 years. Trust me, it’s no joke. Also, I truly believe that the NDEB is very strict with the evaluation and doesn’t hesitate when it comes to failing students. It will definitely not give a license to unworthy and undeserving foreign dentists and hence, the pass rates of the equivalency process are comparatively lower
  6. Enrolling into DDS program has 2 drawbacks - 1) It’s very costly almost double the price of the equivalency process 2) We have to give the AFK i.e exam 1 of the NDEB before apply for colleges. Overall, it is more time consuming and not cost efficient.
  7. May I please know who this dentist is? I am a fresh graduate from India and I’m looking for foreign dentists who could help me out in this tedious procedure.
  8. Hello, Is there any international dentist out here who has given the NDEB exams? The entire procedure takes about 2-3 years and I need help in what to do meanwhile.Many students say they do a dental assisting course and work as an assistant but how does that help your resume become more impressive? Does being an assistant really give brownie points when you put yourself out there in this competitive market or is there any other related course you can enroll in which will aid in the future?
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