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  1. March 28, 29, April 4, 5. 8:30 and 11:30 on all days
  2. I understand that I would need to write the USMLE like everyone else, but does it help being American when applying for residency in the states, after completing a Canadian medical school? As well, if any Americans have gone through this process please reply here or DM me!
  3. I did not see the green circle and still don't LOL but I got the interview at 9:02 AM today. For future applicants, having a green circle or not doesn't mean shit until you get that MF EMAIL BOI
  4. Seems like some people have a green circle on their Mosaic regarding their Medical Doctor application instead of nothing being there (applies to current McMaster students only). Is this an indicator for the interview or just yet another technical issue?
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